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Pamper your senses with the scent of the fragrant Santal Royal Guerlain perfume. You can now buy Guerlain perfume through the Souq website.The Guerlain Santal Roya Guerlain perfume has an oriental character with a woody scent that will ignite your imagination and senses with its gentle and attractive fragrance. Its unique scent makes it perfect for you and your partner as well. We offer you the Eau de Parfum formula in a 125ml bottle decorated with a metallic stopper in an extremely attractive golden color. Make your presence full of luxury and mystery to match the sophistication of your person by using the distinctive Guerlain Eau de Parfum. This fragrance oozes brilliance and distinction to become your favorite choice all year round.

Introduction to fragrance
Refresh the atmosphere around you by using the Santal Royal Guerlain perfume, which has a refreshing introduction that smells of roses, orange blossoms and jasmine, which in turn will add a touch of relaxation to your day. It will also remain fragrant and envelop your skin with freshness for a long time.

heart of fragrance
The heart of this Guerlain perfume consists of the rich and distinctive scent of peach, cinnamon and rose. Where roses exude a rich and soft scent that will give you a sense of vitality, while peach and cinnamon add a mixture of pungent notes that will overwhelm the senses and give them the freshness they crave.

perfume base
The aromatic base of Santa Royal Guerlain combines sandalwood, leather and agarwood to give you a refreshing experience filled with an antique woody scent that suggests the freshness of nature. In addition, the warm notes of musk add sensuality to this perfume, while amber gives you charm and elegance that suits your personality. As these elements combine to present you with an aromatic fragrance that will pamper your senses and inspire relaxation and luxury.

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